City of Rossville Georgia
I would like to let you know that I am not happy with the events
that have transpired because of the actions of Tennessee
American Water Company. After fifty years of being a good
corporate citizen of our community they have decided on a
course that will have a negative financial impact on all water
customers. I share your dismay at these events and the results
of the actions of TAWC.

Starting this fall the Tennessee American Water Company  
(TAWC) will no longer place sewage processing charges on
customers water bills. It is regrettable that TAWC will no longer
provide billing and collection for sewage treatment. The actions
of TAWC will cause a hardship on all water users and those
connected to the Moccasin Bend Waste Water Treatment Plant
(MBWWTP) resulting in more costs to our residents. TAWC
currently charges a little over 40 cents per month per user to bill
and collect the sewer charges. MBWWTP is seeking a third party
vendor to bill and collect for the sewer processing charges.
New Billing Procedure for Sewage Processing.             05/29/2012
More information and updates will be posted as they become available.
Updated 02/05/2013 to reflect the current procedures.

Here is how the past process worked.          

1.  Tennessee American Water Company billed and collected the sewage treatment costs along with the Rossville
Administration fee. They calculated the sewage processing by water consumption. Moccasin Bend Waste Water
Treatment Plant provided Rossville and TAWC with the formula to correctly calculate the fee for sewage processing.

2.  TAWC then mailed the city of Rossville a check each month for the sewage processing fee and the former
"Rossville Administration fee".

3.  MBWWTP read the sewer meter where it leaves the city and calculated usage. They then billed the city for

4.  The city then paid MBWWTP for sewage processing.

Here is how the new procedure works.

1.  TAWC provides the water consumption data (for a fee) to the third party vendor.

2.  The third party vendor then calculates the sewer processing charges using MBWWTP processing rates according
to water consumption.

3.  The third party biller then mails a bill to all Rossville residents and businesses. This bill will also go to non sewer
users to provide a means for the city to collect the Sanitary Service Charge.

4.  Those billed will then pay the third party vendor. Several payment options will be available.

5.  The third party vendor will then send the collected funds to the City of Rossville.

6.  MBWWTP will read the sewer meter and calculates usage. They will then bill the city for sewage processing.

7.  The city pays the MBWWTP for sewage processing.

** Water rates are determined by Tennessee American Water Company. Sewage processing rates are determined by
the Moccasin Bend Waste Water Treatment Plant. Sewer charges are based on water consumption data provided by
Tennessee American Water Company. The City of Rossville has the same sewage fee schedule as the City of
Chattanooga for sewage processing. All handling charges and fees over 50 cents will be a direct result of Tennessee
American Water Company no longer billing and collecting sewer processing fees.
Conventional wisdom tells us that this service will not be done for less than 50 cents per bill. There will be postage,
envelopes, paper, processing and labor cost associated with billing. Cost per bill could be as much as $4 per bill. All costs
associated with third party billing more than 50 cents per bill will be a direct result of TAWC decision. Complaints should be
directed to TAWC.  

Please be mindful that when the new billing procedure goes into effect there may be bugs that will have to be straightened
out. It may take several billing cycles to correct certain situations. The goal of MBWWTP is to have a smooth transition to a
third party vendor. But as we all know real life situations sometimes puts kinks into such plans. The target date is late fall
but once a date becomes available for this new billing procedure to take place I will update this page with that information.

Teddy Harris

Frequently asked questions.

1. Why is there a $3.00 convenience fee?
The third party biller incurs fees for any type of payment other than check.

2. Why is there a $1.50 handling fee?
This fee covers the printing, mailing, handling and processing of payments.

3. Why is a California company billing for Rossville?
Enco is billing for Rossville, Chattanooga and Hamilton County. They were selected through a vetting process. They
offered the best service and price to do our third party billing.

4. Why did Rossville not do in house billing?
A minimum of two people would have had to be hired. Special computer software would be needed. The most cost
effective way to bill and collect was through a third party vendor.